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Two short on line courses for the summer :

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Smuggling in East Anglia Andy Beharrell June 16th 7-9 pm

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See below for additional Smuggling course.

Art in East Anglia Andrew Casey 2 Sessions May 20th and May 27th 7-9 pm

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If you are interested in a course and would like to ask for more details, you can contact the Branch by phone or email as detailed above. Alternatively you can access the National WEA website.
If a course is listed below by clicking on “Book Now” you can book directly as well as seeing a more detailed description of the course, prepared by the Course Tutor. (You will need to provide debit or credit card details). If you are having difficulties booking, Central Support Team on 0300 303 3464, can allow you to book as well.

2020/21 Courses

Course Title: Parliament 2
Course Number: C2228317
Course Description: By 1700 Parliament was a secure part of the English constitution but what role in government it would play, what shape its relationship to the crown, who would vote in the Commons elections (and how often they would occur), how the commons related to the Lords ; all were unclear. These and the roles of Prime Minister an Official opposition and much more we regard as commonplace will be explored over this course.
Tutor: Roger Cooke
Day Of Week: Wednesday
Start Time: 10:00
Duration: 1.50 hrs
Date: 15/09/21
No. of Weeks: 8
Fee: £38.40
Contact: Tiptree Branch
Telephone: 01621 735817

Course Title: Plants, Politics and Economics
Course Number: C2228187
Course Description: Plants have, over history, had a significant cultural, economic and political impact. In this course we will look at ten different plants and see how the development and use of them has influenced economic and political development. We depend on plants to provide basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter and even health care, but they are also important raw materials for a broad range of industrial processes. Historically it could be argued that the development of plants has had a more significant impact on society and economic development than most wars and revolutions. The use, and some would say, exploitation of plants provides us with a window on the economic development of society over time.
Tutor: Andy Beharrell
Day Of Week: Tuesday
Start Time: 09:30
Duration: 2.00 hrs
Date: 05/10/21
No. of Weeks: 10
Fee: £64.00
Contact: Tiptree Branch