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Contact: Hilary McMullen
Telephone: 01206 382806
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You are encouraged to book online if you can by searching for the Course ID on the National WEA website. Alternatively call the Support Team on 0300 303 3464, quoting the Course ID. If you prefer to speak directly to the branch contact please ring the Eastern Region office on 01223 417320 or email and you will be put in touch.

2019/20 Courses

Course Title: Gods of Today
Course Number: C2226680
Course Description: Who are the gods of today? Have the ancient gods been replaced by new divinities? Or have the gods all departed? This course will appeal to anyone interested in the range of characters who have been thought of as divine from ancient times until the present. We will imagine ourselves at the dawn of humanity as we compare the sun gods who were so central to early religions. We encounter the diverse pantheon of Greek gods, the unruly Norse gods, and African and American tricksters. We will hear about the death of the great god Pan and the coming of Christ. Finally, we will consider the new gods of the modern age, from the personal gods of the visionary poet William Blake to the gods of Media, Technology, and the Market, as found in Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods.
Tutor: Pestell, Benjamin
Venue: MICA Centre Mersea (Mersea)
Day Of Week: Tuesday
Start Time: 10:00
Duration: 2.00 hrs
Date: 08/10/19
No. of Weeks: 6
Fee: £46.20
Contact: Regional Office
Telephone: 01223 417320

Course Title: Society and culture in Medieval East Anglia
Course Number: C2226681
Course Description: This course explores the diverse society of medieval East Anglia and the rich culture which was an important part of that society. We will discuss East Anglia's urban centres- Norwich, Ipswich, Colchester- it's power-players such as Bury St Edmunds Abbey, and the strong-minded women who played a vital role in East Anglian society. We will also consider East Anglia's medieval culture- the cloth trade, the heritage of the parish churches, the written word and the many forms of art produced in the area.
Tutor: Jewell, Katharine
Venue: MICA Centre Mersea (Mersea)
Day Of Week: Tuesday
Start Time: 10:30
Duration: 1.50 hrs
Date: 21/01/20
No. of Weeks: 10
Fee: £57.75
Contact: Regional Office
Telephone: 01223 417320