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Spring  2024

"Origins of World War 2"


with Roger Cooke

6 Thursday Mornings:
from 22nd February 2024, 10.00 - 12.00
Venue: British Legion Hall, Felsted
Mode: Classroom based, Tutor present

Phone To Book: 0300 303 3464

Course Code: Q00012244     Fee: £50.40

Description: This course discusses the cause and origins of the global conflicts which came to be known as the Second World War, which must be considered as stretching between the years 1937 and 1945. The Second World War was, in fact, two wars linked by common adversaries. This course looks at the differing causes and how the two wars became one. The Second World War began in the east of the globe in 1937, or even earlier, for particular regional reasons. The war in Europe, and later north Africa, began as a consequence of forces arriving after the Peace of Versailles, signed in 1919 as a direct result of World War I. We will look at the causes behind each conflict and how they became interlinked and one war. Our tutor will enable you to consider the factors behind the conflict in the east and the conflict in the west, debate how they became linked, analyse and evaluate the result of the Peace of Paris in the cause of the western conflict and discuss the role of nationalism in the cause of both conflicts. No previous knowledge of the history of mid-20th century conflict is necessary- all students are welcome to debate and discuss the origins and cause of the Second World War.

Spring  2024

"Is Global Warming the Fault of the Poor Old Cow?"

with Andrew Notman

2 Thursday Mornings:
18th and 25th April 2024
Venue: British Legion Hall, Felsted
Mode: Classroom based, Tutor present

Phone To Book: 0300 303 3464

Course Code: Q00013712       Fee: £14.70

Description: Embark on a captivating two-week journey exploring the profound role of methane in greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on its emanation from ruminant sources such as cows
• understand the significance of ruminant methane as a greenhouse gas
• understand how the ruminant digests cellulose
• explain why methane is produced and why a change of diet influences its production
• realise the limitation of methods of measuring methane from ruminants
• evaluate the use of additives to reduce methane output
Focusing on its emanation from ruminant sources such as cows. Delve into the intricacies of the ruminant digestive system and the methodologies employed for its meticulous measurement. The course meticulously scrutinizes diverse strategies aimed at curbing enteric methane emissions, offering a thorough assessment of their efficacy. Key areas of exploration encompass understanding the significance of ruminant methane in the greenhouse gas panorama, unraveling the cellulose digestion process in ruminants, elucidating the factors behind methane production, and assessing the impact of dietary changes on its output. Participants will gain insights into the limitations of existing methane measurement methods and explore the viability of additives in reducing methane emissions.
This fascinating course ran by Andrew Notman is open to all, no prior knowledge necessary. Come along and help us discover is Global Warming the fault of the Poor Old Cow?


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