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You are encouraged to book online if you can by searching for the Course ID on the National WEA website. Alternatively call the Support Team on 0300 303 3464, quoting the Course ID. If you prefer to speak directly to the branch contact please ring the Eastern Region office on 01223 417320 or email and you will be put in touch.

2019/20 Courses

Course Title: Day School: Victoria- Grandmother of Europe
Course Number: C2226915
Course Description: How did Queen Victoria become known as the 'Grandmother of Europe'? We study the childhoods, later lives and impact on history of Victoria & Prince Albert's nine children. We consider Albert's 'blueprint' for the children's futures and ask whether this was based on sound and liberal principles - or whether it was an ill-conceived attempt to impose his own will. Surely the close family blood ties established by the children's marriages would promote peace and understanding throughout Europe in the years to come? The course looks at the triumphs, tribulations - and sometimes tragedies - of the nine siblings, who were a fascinating group of people, each with their own story to tell and who, in some way, affected European history for many years. Some might say their lives and influences are still affecting history to this day!
Tutor: Mills, Margaret
Venue: Billericay Reading Rooms (Billericay)
Course Length: One Day
Date: 28/03/20
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 00:00
Fee: £20.00
Contact: Regional Office
Telephone: 01223 417320

Course Title: Appreciating the Romantics
Course Number: C2226716
Course Description: Introduction to the study of poetry. Initial exploration of the social background and Romantic theories_x000D_ of poetry, supported by reading and discussion of a few examples of poetry written in the period_x000D_ before 1798. Detailed exploration of: some of Blake's shorter lyrics; a number of Wordsworth's shorter_x000D_ Lyrical Ballads and extracts from his Preface, 'Tintern Abbey', 'Ode on Intimations of Immortality from_x000D_ Recollections of Early Childhood', sonnets, 'The Prelude'; Coleridge's ideas about the Imagination,_x000D_ extracts from 'The Ancient Mariner' and 'Kubla Khan'; Keats - extracts from letters, extracts from 'The_x000D_ Eve of St. Agnes', sonnets, short lyrics, Odes including 'To a Nightingale', 'On a Grecian Urn', 'To_x000D_ Autumn'; Shelley - extracts from political pamphlets, 'A Defence of Poetry' and 'Queen Mab'; 'The_x000D_ Mask of Anarchy', Sonnets, 'Ode to a Skylark, 'Ode to the West Wind'; Byron - a few short lyrics,_x000D_ Preface to 'Don Juan' and extracts.
Tutor: Marks, Ronald
Venue: Billericay Reading Rooms (Billericay)
Day Of Week: Wednesday
Start Time: 19:30
Duration: 2.00 hrs
Date: 22/04/20
No. of Weeks: 8
Fee: £61.60
Contact: Regional Office
Telephone: 01223 417320