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Ardleigh WEA
meeting at
Great Bromley Village Hall,
Parsons Hill
Great Bromley

Our course in September will be as follows, this will depend on us getting enough member to enroll before the course starts, so please go online and enroll

Shakespeare's Women
Ref: C2226658
An exploration of some of the extraordinary and powerful female characters Shakespeare invented for boys and men to act: companions, lovers, mothers, daughters, viragos at war, victims of jealousy, agents of destruction and angels of redemption! We speculate about Shakespeare’s life, including political and religious factors as well as his marital and other relationships, in so far as light may be cast on the way he presents his female roles, and consider how the all-male world of the theatre companies affected their construction and presentation. We shall discuss some of the non-dramatic poetry to see if these too shed illumination, and proceed to study some roles fairly briefly, others in more depth, covering the most significant from the Comedies, Histories, Tragedies and Romances, discussing Shakespeare’s “empowerment” of his women. How much justification is there for the suggestion that Shakespeare’s women, at least, are the deadlier of the species?

Course Tutor
Ron Marks
(Ron is a very experienced Tutor and his courses are always extremely interesting)

Commencing Date
26th September 2019  at 2.30 pm.
10 sessions ending on 28th November 2019,
1.5 hours per session

Fee £57.75

As from this  term you have to book online at least a week before the commencement of the course at or you can book by phoning 0300 303 3464 and quoting the name of course and Ref: number shown above. If you have any problems booking please contact me at or telephone me on 01206 397101 and I will try and help you with your booking.

We have to get around 17 people attending to make the course viable, if this number is not attained before the commencement of the course it is likely be cancelled and any money paid will be returned.

Contacts have changed so if you want more information please contact as below

John Terry (Chairman) 01206 397101 or 07566 880504  or email
Judy Owens (Secretary) 01206 257429 or 07557 090094 or email (


If you are interested in a course and would like to ask for more details, you can contact the Branch by phone or email as detailed above. Alternatively you can access the National WEA website.
If a course is listed below by clicking on “Book Now” you can book directly as well as seeing a more detailed description of the course, prepared by the Course Tutor. (You will need to provide debit or credit card details). If you are having difficulties booking, Central Support Team on 0300 303 3464, can allow you to book as well.

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