A Hybrid Course – Part of our future?

What is A Hybrid: It can mean several things - but essentially it is a mixture of face to face contact together with zoom. Either the Tutor is in the classroom or on zoom. Likewise the participants can be on zoom or in the classroom as well.

In Tiptree we are going to explore  the tutor attending on zoom in the classroom. At this stage there will be no zoom participants but we hope to try this out later.

Why? Because we may find in the future that not all tutors can come out to WEA branches as they did before. Covid has had a huge impact on all of us and WEA has not been immune.

There are fewer tutors to go around and some of the further afield branches will find getting a tutor harder and harder to visit.

So what is  the solution?  In the long term we need to work hard to recruit more tutors but in the medium term tutors can spread themselves out further afield with zoom. We may even have access to tutors outside the region broadening the subject offers for us.

So..... Why not see for yourself how it works: A Vanishing World Tutor: Margaret Mills - ( NB. Tutor will be on zoom as she cannot attend in person ) 20th April  10.45-12.45 pm St Lukes Hall, Tiptree. £8