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The Maplesteads' Spring 2020 Course is entitled Seven Britishers of Note, and is being run by the popular history expert Edward De Maunsell.

The 7-week course begins on Monday20th January 2020 with a free-of-charge* first session starting at 6:30 pm*, when potential course participants will be invited to enjoy some complimentary refreshments, get an overview of the course and have the opportunity to meet the tutor and other course members in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

The course examines the significant contributions that seven remarkable people have made to our country’s history. People like Boudicca, Edward I, William Tyndale, Oliver Cromwell, Lord Nelson, Aneurin Bevan and Winston Churchill have, throughout the ages, left a lasting mark on the development of the United Kingdom.

There are no special reading requirements.

*The cost of the complete course is £54 and subsequent sessions start at 7:00 pm.

More information about the course can be found here.


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