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Troy: Myth, Image and Reality with Professor Edith Hall - One day School - 21st November.

The Trojan War story has been central to western and more recently world culture for nearly three thousand years. The three greatest epics of antiquity, the Homeric Iliad and Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid, relate events from the Judgement of Paris which precipitated it to the adventures of two warriors who survived the war in its immediate aftermath. Other episodes from the story were richly developed in Greek tragedy. But there are serious problems with reconciling the accounts in these literary works, which have exerted a profound influence on our imaginations, with the other evidence. This consists of the archaeological remains of the city of Troy and the Greek cities from which Agamemnon’s army sailed, along with visual art and additional written and artistic sources in several languages including Hittite. This one-day course, which centres on the Iliad and the site at Hissarlik, explores the main lines of interpretation and controversy.

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