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Summer School Brochure 2019Owing to unforeseen personal circumstances, Dr. Jola Pellumbi has had to postpone her Spring ODS course on Venice to the Autumn One Day School on Saturday 23rd November. In her place, and at her suggestion, we shall welcome Dr. Juliet Claxton, also of King's College, London, to give a talk on 'Going Shopping in 17th-Century London'. She will focus on the 'new' East India Company goods that flowed into the city throughout the century, including silk, porcelain, spices and tea and coffee. Juliet is an expert on Early Modern Dress & Textiles and the history of the Chinese and Japanese porcelain trade in London.

If you have already booked for Jola's course, Jane Dougan will be contacting you to ask which of the following you prefer:

To transfer your booking to Juliet's course, or to Dr. da Silva's course on Captain Cook and the art produced during his Pacific expeditions, or to Honor Ridout's course about the history of the first Cambridge women's colleges - or just to have your fee returned.

We can also offer you priority booking for Jola's Venice course in November.

One Day School Leaflet Spring 2019 

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