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How to create a bee friendly garden

Ref: C2228720

We will be looking at simple ways to make your garden or outside space more bee friendly. Small changes that will attract bees and other beneficial insects and make your garden buzz!

Tutor: Catherine Wilcock  Date 27/04/2022

Wildlife Gardening

British wildlife is under considerable threat but you can help conserve nature in your local area. It does not matter if you have a tiny garden in the city or large country estate in the country you can help wildlife and improve the environment. The course will investigate simple ways to attract and protect wildlife to your garden or local green space. This can be as simple to not mowing your lawn for a few weeks or creating a beetle bucket or bee hotel. The course will also inspire you to get involved projects in your garden or with local community projects. It will also include suggestions on how to carry out a local wildlife survey.

Ref: C2228585

Tutor: Stephen Parker Dates 04/03/2022 - 18/03/2022

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