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Upcoming Courses

Here is a summary of our next courses for 2019 and 2020. See below for more details.

Tuesday 17th September 2019: Imperial China: Land and People with David Prynn. An introduction to China's natural environment, great dynasties, and the contribution of Chinese civilization to world culture in terms of art, inventions, thought, belief and development of a centralised state. 10 weekly sessions. Click on ImperialChina_Flyer to download the course flyer.

Tuesday 14th January 2020:  The East End Strikes Back with Mervyn (Ted) Woodgate. This course examines the causes and consequences of the sudden eruption of militant trade unionism in the East End of London by unskilled labourers at the end of the 1880s. 10 weekly sessions.

You are encouraged to book online if you can by searching for the Course ID on the National WEA website. Alternatively call the Support Team on 0300 303 3464, quoting the Course ID. If you prefer to speak directly to the branch contact please ring the Eastern Region office on 01223 417320 or email and you will be put in touch.

2019/20 Courses

Course Title: The East End Strikes Back
Course Number: C2226630
Course Description: The course looks at the social problems caused by the industrial revolution, particularly poverty and inequality, and how those in power attempted to cope with the resulting political pressures. The dramatic events in London in 1888 and 1889 are set in this national context The course also studies how this movement, inspired by economic circumstances, went on to influence a national political realignment which eventually led to the replacement of the Liberal party by the Labour party.
Tutor: Woodgate, Mervyn
Venue: The United Reformed Church (Halstead)
Day Of Week: Tuesday
Start Time: 19:30
Duration: 1.50 hrs
Date: 14/01/20
No. of Weeks: 10
Fee: £58.00
Contact: Regional Office
Telephone: 01223 417320