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The Maplesteads' WEA Spring 2018 course starts on the 22nd January 2018, when potential participants will be invited to attend the course overview of Russia of the Tsars and meet the tutor David Prynn.

The introductory session, with wine and a finger-buffet, starts at 7.00pm - all subsequent sessions commence at 7.45pm. Each session will last for around 1.5hrs. The course will be 9 weeks long and costs £48.60.


Covering the origins of Tsarist Russia in the 17thC and outlining its dynamic history, from Muscovy and Ivan the Terrible through the rule of Catherine the Great to the last, doomed, Tsar Nicholas II in 1917, the course examines why autocratic rule persisted for nearly 300 years, what its problems were and the various reasons for its eventual collapse.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

1. Indicate reasons for the unique characteristics of Russian historical culture.

2. Explain the origins of serfdom in Russia.

3. Suggest reasons for the persistence of autocratic rule in Russia.

4. Indicate reasons for the collapse of Tsarist Russia.

For further information please contact the Maplesteads' WEA Secretary, Jean Bowers


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